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Digital Marketing - INTG1-GC1035

Students will learn: existing and emerging formats of digital marketing; how to integrate them into marketing plans to achieve business objectives; and how to assess emerging trends. Topics covered include established forms of online marketing such as websites (UX), search, email, and analytics, and emerging trends such as behavioral targeting, online video, PR, social media, blogging, user-generated content, and mobile.  Students gain real-world experience via the challenges that marketing managers address in acquiring customers, generating leads, activating and retaining customers (CLV), building and promoting brands, enhancing customer relationships, and analyzing consumer behavior.


Digital Marketing
Spring 2015 – Current
Department of Strategic
Communication, Marketing,
& Media Management

Masters of Science,
Integrated Marketing

Internet Marketing - DM435

Designed to give the students an understanding of the ever-changing world of marketing on the web, new media channels, and social infusion. Covering fundamental concepts and principles associated with online marketing, all utilizing an entrepreneurial approach to an online marketing strategy. The discovery will show the inter-relationships between online marketing within disciplines in business, from creative execution, deployment, and analysis.

Fashion Institute of Technology

Internet Marketing
Fall 2012 – Current
Direct and Interactive Marketing AMC Departments

Bachelors of Science, Advertising & Marketing Communications

Seton Hall Univeristy

Typography 1
Fall Semester 2010

Advanced Advertising in Graphic Design
Spring Semester 2009

Advanced Computer Graphics
Fall Semester 2009