What is your purpose? The Existential Bummer in Life.

Man is literally split in two: he has an awareness of his own splendid uniqueness in that he sticks out of nature with a towering majesty, and yet he goes back into the ground a few feet in order blindly and dumbly to rot and disappear forever - Ernest Becker

This video was passed from my sister who is really in-tune with the questions I feel many people face today. What is the meaning or purpose for me here. How do I not only find enjoyment in my daily tasks, but at the same time contribute to the overall good or become an agent of change.

It totally hits home because every connection we have will only disappear. We need to simply seize the moments, take in the full value it has to offer and know that we don’t own it, we can’t control its fate. We can cherish the experience at hand. 

What we can leave is a legacy, a footprint of our life’s focus or achievements. In my family up bringing, it was the continuation of the generations. Bestowing my culture, my experiences to my children and being a role model for their development. My life hasn’t taken that course yet and is built around work. 

I conduct work as life, there is no balance between the two because they are one. As I wake up and close my eyes, I choose to share my values and experiences to colleagues, friends, and my students. Provoking the inner drive to seek purpose or enjoyment in life and be a teacher thru my own perspective. 

Until I am granted a family or if it ever happens I will continue to pursue sharing my ideas and learn to live more and more in the now. The moments is where life lives. 

What is your purpose?