Honing in on Self-awareness

We all have specific attributes that define who we are. These attributes combine to describe archetypes for how we process information and react to situations or interpret broadcast messaging. That fact that we only take four to five seconds in-order to make a first impression is staggering. Only by being truly self-aware can we gain control over what kinds of impressions we are making, whether in person or online.

I was recently intrigued watching a TED talk by Sally Hogshead. The video is part of the curriculum for my NYU digital marketing class. She captivated me with her story about how the concept of instant fascination plays such a huge role in our lives.  She related online dating to the power of awareness. In the field of thousands she could quickly go through a list of eligible bachelors and find one that sparked her interest. It later turns out that this point of entry, or the ability to investigate further–by initiating a message became her future fiancé. 

If you think about the world of content and ads we have around us, what will spark your interest to want to know more? When we get into the minds of our customers, lovers, or co-workers we can align objectives and have a very promising and harmonized flow. Its all about honing self-awareness. Once you know who you are, how you like to work you can combine the talents and achieve greatness.

Many of us can't 100% identify who we are or how we think, we typically point to artifacts to demonstrate our skills. I see this all the time with candidates looking for jobs at Hook & Loop, where designers come in and showcase their work in-order to fascinate enough to get hired. The thing is, being a good person and teammate goes well beyond that. We all operate in an environment that isn't completely scripted by us or in our control, if we can tune into what makes us who we are and how that affects our relationships, the potential power is incredible.

I suggest looking into the Fascination Test that Sally has put together because the results are spot on. Its definitely worth a shot and let me know what your archetype is. Ciao from the Catalyst.