Personal Branding: Crafting the Digital You

Last week I was charged with delivering a lecture on personal branding at the Fashion Institute of Technology for members in the FIT chapter of the American Marketing Association. (That's a mouthful) The talk focused on the steps in crafting the digital presence you have online. It is so imperative that the alignment of your physical self is communicated on the digital frontier for prospects looking for the good old J-O-B. 

As is typical in my weekly classes, it was an animated discussion with a lot of give and take with the emerging marketers. Covering the digital you, was the definition, the auditing of your current and future communication channels, and lastly the ability to captivate and reach your target audience. Believe me, PUMPING YOURSELF OUT definitely struck a cord with them. LOL 

Hope you enjoy the deck, which while it lacks my VO, gives you a sense of the flow. Curious for your thoughts, please post a comment here or on slideshare. Appreciate the free t-shirt as a thank you from AMA @FIT, dope.